Masfoam is modern lightweight architectural mouldings. An alternative technology to traditional method of architectural decoration.

Masfoam consists of expanded polystyrene core, enclosed in multi layered cement based composite and reinforced by a layer of Alkaline resistant coated glass fiber mesh.

Each layer of coating has different property designed for specific purpose, contribute to the strength and durability of the finished product. While most imitation consist only a layer of cement.

With compliance to EIFS application, only expanded polystyrene core with fire retardant are used, to eliminate the possibility of spreading fire during an emergency.

Masitu Masfoam's superior quality and durability is unmatched by others.

Masfoam is made into many shapes, designs, and sizes to meet architects and owners desire. It is light, durable and versatile.

Masfoam (Masonry Foam)

Masfoam keep it simple so that you can do it Right-First-Time.

Product Information

Masfoam is used as decorative architectural mouldings, windows sill, corbel, ornament, motifs, parapet, architrave, keystone and most decorative features of a building facade.



Masitu produces the best foam-core lightweight moulding you can find in the market.

  With Fire Retardant 

  Alkaline resistant coated 

  Multi coat 

  Multi coat 

  Multi coat 

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