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Installation process is as simple as cut-and-paste, thus significantly reduces the requirement of skill and labour at site, as a result, error during construction is greatly reduced. The overall result is time and money saving, while maintaining superior finishing quality.

Measure and cut Masfoam to required length.

Clean wall from surface contamination.
Snap chalk line on the wall to use as a guide for the bottom of Masfoam.
Put a few masonry nails above the line, at 2ft interval.

Mix Masbond cement adhesive with water.
Apply mixture onto the back of Masfoam.

Fix Masfoam along the chalk line. Ensure that some of the mixutre is squeezed out of the edges.

Remove excess mixture from the edges with putty knife.
Remove smear with moistened cloth or brush.


Miter Joints



Masbond MB525- Preparation & Application instructions.


1. Add Masbond MB525 to clean water in a container, to the ratio of 5:1 by weight(Kg).

2. Stir the mixture for 5 minutes.
3. Leave the mixture for 5 minutes.
4. Stir the mixture again before application.


1. Use steel notch-trowel to spread a continuous coat of Masbond mixture onto the entire surface on the back of Masfoam. Create 10mm beads covering the perimeter as well.

2. Place the Masfoam onto the substrate and firmly slide into position.

Note: It is important not to allow the Masbond mixture to form a skin beofre positioning the Masfoam to the substrate.

Working Time

Masbond MB525 mixture must be used within 30 minutes upon mixing. It will start to set in the period and subsequently develops its full strength in 28 days, depending on the climate and temperature.


Estimated consumption of Masbond MB525 is 3 to 5 kg/m2 under normal condition.

Shelf life & Storage

6 months in its original packing and store in dry place.


25kg / bag.


1. Masfoam surface can be painted and maintained with emulsion paint.
2. Under-coat with water based sealer for best result.
3. Accidental damages and cracks can be patched or filled with Masbond mixture.
4. Minor cracks can be corrected by water based sealer or polyurethane filler.


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